Juicy Galore Releases August 16th!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

The next summer beer release is almost here- the juiciest, tastiest IPA south of Massachusetts. We are pleased to announce...

A Taste of New England in the Carolinas.

Juicy Galore is Westbend's follow-up to its wildly popular "I Love Juicy" New England IPA. Juicy Galore delivers all of the juicy, tropical aromas and flavors you loved about its predecessor, boasting POUNDS of Amarillo and Simcoe, triple dry hopped until we can smell a pint from across the table. We aren't ones to toot our own horn (but we are), but this beer is easily one of our favorite offerings to date. As this humble author types this sentence, he is lustfully staring down a fresh pint of the stuff.

Tell Me More.

Juicy Galore hosts a cavalcade of complex and down right delicious flavors. The malt bill provides a firm backbone, crisp pilsner ignites a significant and refreshing -POP- with every sip (or glug), while the heaps of steel-cut oats provide a sensationally creamy mouthfeel. Let's be honest, it's an IPA, if you've read this far you wanna hear about those HOPS! Unlike its west coast brother, the New England IPA sets the bitter and piney aspects of hops aside and jam-packs it with juicy and tropical flavors and aromas.

Juicy Galore will be available this Friday, August 16th. See you then! -Farley

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