Raspberry Fields Forever

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Nothing to get hung about...

The Perfect Summer Pint.

To say the sun has been shining might be a bit of an understatement. It's hot. Like, hot-hot. It was on one particularly brutal summer afternoon our brewing team was inspired to design a beer perfect for relief against the Carolina heat. From this, Raspberry Fields Forever was born.

Raspberries. Oranges. Sweet Relief.

We started with a simple base beer- a blend of pilsen malt and wheat. A classic malt bill when served cold, fills the pallette with a bright, crisp, and refreshing flavor and mouthfeel. But it wasn't enough. We needed a little more... magic. Something what would really hit the spot when the heat and humidity was being more than extra. We tried a few concoctions (grapefruit and strawberry aren't an advised beer flavor) before we found that sweet spot. A heaping amount of fresh raspberries and navel oranges gave us that perfect, refreshing surge of flavor. Be sure to check in soon! This was brewed in an EXTREMELY limited batch. I've been told several times this is the last time it will be brewed. Grab a pint while you can! -Farley

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